Bath Care that kids and parents really love

It's special because it's made for young skin, which is super delicate.

Our products are only made with wholesome natural stuff and none of those yucky chemicals. That means your young one's skin won't become irritated, and the scents are not nauseating or headache-triggering!

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We make bath time fun and worry-free


    Our products are carefully crafted, free from over 2500 potentially harmful ingredients. We proudly avoid known toxic substances, questionable additives, low-quality fillers, and any substances lacking thorough research.


    We never test our products on animals nor do we source ingredients that have been tested on animals.


    If you've ever tried our products, you're familiar with our wonderful fragrances. We incorporate top-notch essential oils and include some phthalate and paraben-free natural scents. Our aromas are consistently delightful, never too strong.

New Holiday Scents

We have some super fun new scents to lift your festive spirits!
When the weather gets chilly, warm up with our Bath Bombs, Cube Scrubs, & Shower Steamers.

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